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JoAnne Aguilar (Hofer)  
Aivenne Anderson
Eileigh Mae Anderson   
Jenae Anderson (Tschiegg)    
Mike Anderson
Selah Anderson
David Arduser
Don Arduser    
Doug Arduser    
Justin Arduser
Marie Arduser
Melissa Arduser
Melody Arduser
Michelle Arduser
Pearl Arduser
Ruby Arduser (Heinrichs)   
Shannon Arduser   
Sicily Arduser
Simeon Arduser
Steve Arduser
Bethany Baker    
Joyce Baker (Hofer)   
Larry Baker
Anthony Balakian
Bailey Balakian
Jacob Balakian
Madeline Balakian
Sherilyn Balakian (Heinrichs)   
Thomas Balakian
Anakin Barnes
April Barnes (Heinrichs)   
Jalynne Barnes   
Kevin Beckenhauer
Sandi Beckenhauer (Heinrichs)   
Mike Cantu
Clifford Dick
Brandon Dieni   
Kaylee Dieni
Nicholas Dieni
Sara Dieni (Holman)    
Allan Dodge
Arlene Dodge (Heinrichs)   
Ashlyn Dodge
Trent Dodge
Trevor Dodge
Trey Dodge
Ty Dodge
Boone Dunn
Finn Dunn
Jeff Dunn
Mindi Dunn (Tschiegg)    
Willa Dunn
Annie Ellenberger
Jamie Ellenberger (Heinrichs)    
Jim Ellenberger
Katie Ellenberger
Aayla Erickson
Anders Erickson
Bethany Erickson (Lierman)
Evelyn Erickson
Andrew Ewert
Arianna Ewert
Ava Ewert
Casey Ewert
Gabrielle Ewert
Grant Ewert (Casey Ewert)   
Gwyneth Ewert
Isaiah Ewert
Jacob Ewert    
Jesse Ewert
Julie Ewert
LeeAnn Ewert
Linda Ewert (Heinrichs)    
Lyle Ewert  
Marissa Ewert
Marlene Ewert    
Paul Ewert    
Tobias Ewert
Tom Ewert    
Nathanael Ewert Dick
Alan Gary
Brent Gary
Cheryl Gary (Hofer)    
Haley Gary
Benjamin Goossen
Denise Goossen (Harms)    
Joe Goossen
Jonathan Goossen
Mim Goossen
Jacob Gorman
Joshua Gorman
Kaitlyn Gorman
Lincoln Gorman
Lucas Gorman
Michaela Gorman
Rebecca Gorman (Holman)   
Samuel Gorman
Calvin Harms    
Chryston Harms    
Dellene Harms (Newcomb)   
Elizabeth Harms
Esther Harms
Ethan Harms
Katy Harms (Smith)    
Leah Harms
Lillian Harms (Heinrichs)    
Melvin Harms   
Nicole Harms    
Randell Harms  
Seth Harms
Sheila Harms (Friez)   
Adina Heinrichs    
Allison Heinrichs
Alma Heinrichs    
Angie Heinrichs
Barbara Heinrichs (Hofer Peters)   
Brad Heinrichs  
Brynley Heinrichs
Darrell Heinrichs    
Deanne Heinrichs    
Denise Heinrichs
Eric Heinrichs    
Ezekiel Heinrichs
Graham Heinrichs
Greg Heinrichs
Jacob Heinrichs
Jacob J Heinrichs    
Jadyn Heinrichs
James Heinrichs
Janet Heinrichs
Jerry Heinrichs   
Jesse Heinrichs
Joan Heinrichs (Buxman)   
Johnny Heinrichs  
Josiah Heinrichs
Julie Heinrichs    
Keith Heinrichs  
Kristy Heinrichs
Kyle Heinrichs
Les Heinrichs
Levi Heinrichs
Liz Heinrichs   
Luke Heinrichs
Lyndon Heinrichs (Heinrichs)    
Marie Heinrichs (Carter)   
Marvin Heinrichs    
Maxine Heinrichs
Nic Heinrichs  
Nixon Heinrichs
Patti Heinrichs    
Rollin Heinrichs
Samuel Heinrichs
Sara Heinrichs    
Sarina Heinrichs
Scott Heinrichs
Zachary K. Heinrichs (Keith's)
Zachary Heinrichs (Rollin's)
Abigail Hofer   
Adeline Hofer
Alyssa Hofer
Ashley Hofer    
Bryan Hofer    
Colin Hofer
Daniel Hofer    
Don Hofer   
Gail Hofer   
Grace Hofer
Jeanette Hofer    
Jenni Hofer
Jonas Hofer    
Jonathan Hofer
Jordan Hofer
Julianna Hofer    
Lavina Hofer (Heinrichs)    
Lyssa Hofer
Myron Hofer   
Noelle Hofer
Pamella Hofer    
Rodney Hofer    
Emily Holm (Heinrichs)  
Russ Holm
Ashley Holman  
Elizabeth Holman    
Asia Jackson
Ronia Jackson
David Josephson
Katrina Josephson (Goossen)
Winter Josephson
Ashley Jost
Clyde Jost
Daniel Jost
Dustin Jost
Graysen Jost
Sharon Jost (Ewert)    
Lois Keen (Tschiegg)  
Ron Keen
Austin Kraft   
Hannah Kraft (Tschiegg)  
Annabeth Kroeker
Daniel Kroeker
Jonathan Kroeker
Kristen Kroeker (Heinrichs)   
Mark Kroeker
Jamie Leeder
Joshua Leeder
Julie Leeder (Arduser)
Selah Grace Lester    
Andrew Lierman   
Elsie Lierman
Lora Lierman (Tschiegg)    
Lydia Lierman
Megan Lierman  
Wally Lierman
Whitney Lierman
Tirzah Lindstrom
Broden Loewen
Dionne Loewen (Jost)
Jaeten Loewen
Jeremy Loewen
Hudson Lowery
Aaron Luthi   
Anna Luthi (Lierman)  
Ava Luthi
Grace Luthi
Emily Martin (Tschiegg)   
Hendrix Martin
Mabel Martin
Matthew Martin
Anna Newcomb
Gabriella Newcomb
Jessie Newcomb
Josiah Newcomb
Lawrence Newcomb
Von Newcomb
John Nilmeier
Jp Nilmeier
Tracy Nilmeier (Heinrichs)   
Carol Owens (Ewert)    
Gregg Owens
Ethan Parsley
Rachel Parsley (Harms)
Jesse Pauly    
Monica Pauly (Harms)   
Jim Peters
John Peters
Sara Peters (Baker)    
Savannah Peters
Zackary Peters
Conner Reardon
DeLaney Reardon
Janice Reardon (Hofer)
Kennan Reardon
Pete Reardon
Anthony Rodriguez
Erin Rodriguez (Voelker)   
Ismari Rodriguez
Oliver Rodriguez
Ulises Rodriguez
Addison Rue
Jackson Rue
Jesse Rue
Leah Rue (Tschiegg)  
Lincoln Rue
Nicole Shown (Heinrichs)   
Byron Stout
Cari Le Stout (Tippen)
Brittney Thiesen (Balakian)
Micah Thiesen
Elijah Thomas
Isaac Thomas
Jonah Thomas
Leah Thomas
Megan Thomas (Hofer)    
Nate Thomas
Amy Tippin   
Dick Tippin
Emily Tippin
J. D. Tippin   
Matthew Tippin    
Norma Tippin (Ewert)    
Brandalynn Toews
Cameron Toews
David Toews
Julie Toews (Hofer)  
Adelia Tschiegg (Heinrichs)    
Allan Tschiegg    
Becky Tschiegg (Krebs)  
Jacob Tschiegg  
Juli Tschiegg
Ken Tschiegg
Kenzie Tschiegg
Silas Tschiegg
Stan Tschiegg    
Cassandra Unruh
Lindsay Unruh
David Unruh Jr.
Andrew Veer
Arlo Veer
Rebekah Veer (Harms)   
Martin Voelker   
Otis Voelker
Patrick Voelker   
Ruth Voelker (Tschiegg)    
Sofia Voelker
Christina Wilson (Aguilar)  
Isabella Wilson
Micheal Wilson
Aria Wright
Blake Wright
Jessica Wright (Toews)
Luke Wright
Scott Wright

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