Julie Toews Hofer

Profile Updated: June 2, 2010
Residing In: Dinuba, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: David Toews
Occupation: cosmatologist
Children: Jessica Lynn Wright (Toews),born Oct.5 1985, Cameron Paul Toews, born Dec.26,1996,
Brandalynn Ann More…Toews born Oct. 26 1990
Yes! Attending Reunion
Favorite memory growing up in the Heinrichs clan.

Having so many cousins to play with was extrordinary,especially when the distant ones came to vist. We had a hay day at grandpa and grandmas country place, just stay out of reach of grandpas cane or he'd give you a (loving I hope) wack. I remember exploring a red barn and hay, a stone out building, a long closet with games, some scary dolls, a monkey and cousins, cousins, cousins.
Going out to visit the faraway cousins was wonderful. Mom got to see her beloved sisters, and we got to have fun. In Oregon,twins who had silos full of cats,and big brothers who knew how to have fun. Picking blueberries for the very first time not knowing they got bigger than pea size. In Kansas or was it Oklahoma, swimming in an indoor pool with the Ewerts and learning how to do flips. The skyscrapers of Dallas,in the Harms' big city, and trying to stay cool. Driving over the rolling hills of Nebraska to Aunt Rubys farm with hogs and cows and corn,and a cellar full of canning and getting to go to their church camp for the week was unforgettable.
My favorite memories of the at home cousins were swimming in the dangerous ditch with Sheri and Sandy playing mermaids and almost loosing Sheri as she floated away under the bridge, sooo, scarry! Going to uncle Marvins to get eggs was educational. Aunt Alma would hold them up to the light and we could see inside them. Having Christmas at Jim and Joans and playing with all the millions of Christy's toys and making a royal mess and not knowing how or where to put everything back. Christy, I'm sooo sorry for the mess we made to your beautifully organized room. Spending the week at Less & Maries, drinking unsweetened tea, playing catch with Deanne, Daryll taking me for an "EXTREME" bikeride on the handlebars and getting airborn on the peaked sidewalks from the pushed up roots. Watching "Romper Room" at Maxine & Johnnys and accually getting to walk with those cup shoes.
Spending time with grandma was a treasure. at her house in town, having lunch was predictable, chilled water from the fridge and always cookies from the freezer. She would read to us, stopping for her soap, yea, she had a favorite, then we would play the organ for her or I would and we'd sing. She alway had a neat garden with yummy stuff and that fig tree with the squishy figs. She made peppernuts with us getting white with flour as we rolled the "snakes". She always had on an old fashioned apron. Bottles and bottles, plastic blue green bottles, lent themselves for playing DR> I'm sure I've cured all of you at least twice of some fatal disease, and I tried to poison that scarry doll with the teath. She was enormous. I remember most all of you came home for some holiday and we squished into her town house, and we sang, in ten part harmony. It was so beautiful and felt so good. The doxology and Got estelebe! But I think my very favorite times were when I wasn't feeling well at school I.H.S. and I could walk to grandmas house and she would take care of me and make me feel better, and I would have her all to myself. I loved how she would brush out her long white/grey hair befor going to bed,her reading inbed to that green bed light, with a mini bed shawl for both of us to keep off the night chill, and listening to her prayers as she knelt by her bed praying specially for each and everyone of us. Oh how she loved all of us! She was really there for me after mom died. She was living in Palm Villege and we would visit every week. She would save her little snack cups of nuts, crackers raisins... so she wold have a treat for her great grandchildren, and hold Brandalynn everso sweetly when my mom was not around to. You sister Aunts all remind me of her, my mom,your sweet smiles, porcelain skin and gentile ways.Each very different yet the same. I love you all.

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Julie Toews Hofer has a birthday today.
Dec 26, 2018 at 1:33 AM
Julie Toews Hofer has a birthday today.
Dec 26, 2017 at 1:33 AM
Julie Toews Hofer has a birthday today.
Dec 26, 2016 at 1:33 AM
Julie Toews Hofer has a birthday today.
Dec 26, 2015 at 1:33 AM
Julie Toews Hofer has a birthday today.
Dec 26, 2014 at 1:33 AM